“Locally owned and operated since 1969”

Our Story

Happy Day Corporation founder Bruce Finch graduated from the University of Idaho with degrees in education and business, but had to rely on his wife, Joy for any background in restaurants. In 1969, Bruce and his father Charles opened the first Happy Day restaurant, Lewiston’s Taco Time. Despite their lack of experience, Charles believed in their idea and helped finance the opening of two more Taco Time restaurants.

In the late ’70s, Bruce was able to buy out his father and officially formed Happy Day Restaurants. The corporation was so named because Joy felt so positive about their venture. “We were so happy to have our businesses growing and thriving!”

By the late 1980s, the Finches had success with Taco Time and Arby’s chains and decided to try their hand at full-service dining. They opened Zany Graze, a family-friendly restaurant with an eclectic menu and a Hollywood diner feel.

Now Happy Day Restaurants owns and operates 12 restaurants, as well as the catering and event rental business.

Tobe Finch, Bruce and Joy’s son, continued the family tradition by taking over Happy Day Catering. With Tobe’s leadership, the catering side has expanded into its own location and now includes crisis catering and event rentals.

Bruce continues to be a hands-on operator. On any given day, you’ll see him in one of the restaurants teaching, training, or even bussing the tables. Happy Day Restaurants continues to create environments and menus people can enjoy.

Partners in the Community

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We LOVE our Vets!

Tuesday Vets Meal

On the second Tuesday of every month, all veterans who present a military or veteran ID card are eligible to receive a free meal from 3pm to 6pm at all of our Happy Day locations.

Zany Graze:
Free Cheddar Burger Basket or Hot Turkey Sandwich
Mystic Cafe:
Free Mystic Deluxe Bacon Burger
Main Street Grill:
Free Steak & Fries
Tomato Bros:
Free Express Buffet
Southway Pizzeria:
10 inch 2 Topping Pizza
Arby’s, Taco Time, and A&W:
Free Combo Meal with Sm Fry & Sm Drink


Club 55 is a special program for all our guests over 55 years of age. Submit your info here to get a card! When you present it, you will receive 10% off your purchases every day. You will also receive 25% off eligible items from 7am to 10am at Mystic, A&W, and Taco Time and from 2pm to 5pm at all Happy Day restaurants. 

Apply for a card in-store or by emailing your first and last name, birthday, and mailing address to alex@happydayrestaurants.com. We hope to see you enjoying your discount soon!